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At Visedo, we use state-of-the art technology based on our own patents.
Our marine systems are designed for harsh operating conditions in heavy-duty applications within the power range of 30 kW to 2,000 kW.

A high tolerance to shocks and vibrations means excellent reliability. All our components are liquid-cooled, guaranteeing reliability throughout a wide ambient temperature range and a broad range of environments – directly resulting in a significantly longer lifespan.

The light weight and compact size of our products saves space and allows for flexibility in installation.

All Visedo electronic products share an easy-to-use software platform, Visedo PowerUSER, which makes system integration quick and easy. Also the platform takes care of monitoring, diagnostics and set-up. Visedo advanced control software guarantees superior performance in even the most demanding situations.

Visedo Marine System products are categorized into three groups:

Control   Power   Storage

Power control for marine vessels

Visedo power control products are specially designed for controlling the flow of hybrid and electric power in marine applications.

The three main product groups are:

  • PowerMASTER inverters and frequency converters
  • PowerBOOST DC-to-DC converters
  • PowerCOMBO multiconverters – a combination of inverters and DC-to-DC converters.


The software for all three products also supports a variety of the communication protocols most widely used in vehicles, e.g. SAE–J1939 and CANopen. As a Visedo customer, you can further customise the operation of the inverter and create your own applications with the license-free CODESYS IEC61131-3 programming tool.

Product groups


PowerMaster. Part of marine propulsion system.

Power range 100-2,000 kW

PowerMASTER  is built with components that can handle double the number of load cycles compared to components used in standard industrial inverters. The standard lifespan of PowerMASTER products is up to 20 years.The high-performance vector control of Visedo PowerMASTER drives the motors accurately and smoothly. It can control induction motors (IM) and permanent magnet (PM) motors and Visedo reluctance-assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) motors with or without sensors.
Download specifications here:
Datasheet pma-m
Dimension drawing pma-m
Dimension drawing pma-m+ceb1
Dimension drawing pma-m+ceb2+dce
Product manual

PowerBOOST. Part of marine propulsion system.

Power range 50 – 2,000 kW

PowerBOOST DC/DC converters are designed for high-power and high-current applications.PowerBOOST is built with components that can withstand more than double the number of load cycles than the components used in standard industrial DC/DC converters. The standard lifespan for PowerBOOST products is up to 20 years.
Download specifications here:
Datasheet pbo-m
Datasheet pbo-esi-m
Dimension drawing pbo-m
Dimension drawing pbo-esi-m
Product manual

PowerCOMBO. Part of marine propulsion system.


PowerCOMBO multiconverters are combination of inverters and DC/DC-converters. PowerCOMBO is built with components that can withstand more than double the number of load cycles than the components used in standard industrial inverters and DC/DC-converters. The standard lifespan for PowerCOMBO products is up to 20 years.

Download specifications here:
Dimension drawing

PowerUSER. Part of marine propulsion system.

Propulsion for marine vessels

Visedo marine drivetrains are based on synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology (SRPM). They are liquid-cooled and designed to work as traction motors in harsh operating environments. Compared to conventional technologies, like induction machines (IM) or standard permanent magnet motors (PM), Visedo SRPM motors offer smaller dimensions, lighter weight and higher efficiency.

The motors are available in various speed and torque ratings in both Visedo machine series:

  • PowerDRUM with power up to 4,000 kW – high torque with high efficiency
  • PowerDISK with power up to 75 kW – short axial length to fit in tight spaces

All permanent magnet motors can be tested with full load against the actual desired workload in our own test laboratory. We can feed the work load cycle of the machine into our testing system and run loading tests in the laboratory. This significantly reduces the testing time at your premises.

Typical applications

  • traction motors for vehicles
  • propulsion motors for marine vessels
  • variable -speed generators for hybrid vehicle or marine vessels


Electric machines for motor and generator applications that demand high efficiency and torque. Ideal for traction/propulsion motors or vehicle/ship generators, among other applications. Various machine frames are available, such as the longer “e”  (extended) or the more compact “s” (short) version. These models can be found under the main frame size, e.g. “XSe” in the “XS” frame category.

PowerDRUM. Part of marine propulsion system.

Energy storage for marine vessels

Intelligent energy storage for fast energy buffering in marine applications.

Visedo PowerCAP is the first supercapacitor energy storage system on the market with an integrated management system. The products consist of Visedo CMS (Capacitor Management System) and Maxwell supercapacitors. PowerCAP has been specially developed to meet the demanding requirements of harsh operating environments with cyclical loads.


  • Modular design allowing the flexibility to adapt the product to your application needs
  • Plain water or a water/glycol mixture with a wide temperature range -40 ºC to +65 ºC used in cooling
  • IP67 enclosure class to maximize reliability
  • Up to 97% efficiency
  • High allowed ambient temperature and long lifespan
  • Integrated CMS  including control, protection, supervision and communication functionality (CANopen, SAE J-1939)
  • Automatic balancing and temperature monitoring
  • User-friendly maintenance and commissioning interface with Visedo PowerUSER


Control   Power   Storage

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